Sunday, 14 February 2016

Sunshine Daisies Butter Mellow

It’s a very fine Sunday. I am sitting amidst the lush of green, the escaping rays of the evening sun, the warmth of the shade and the chirping of birds escaping from my disturbers of harmony. And in such a mellow state of mind and surrounding is where I write my first blog post.

Why fireflies? Because they are proofs of existence of magic in this amazing world. Yes, their glow is because of the chemical reactions and bioluminescence. But still the very cause of it is a sign of a greater charm.

I believe in the existence of magic. Breaking the cliché, I say magic is in the hands of the beholder. It’s just everywhere… in the bond between a father and daughter, in the falling autumn leaves, in the steam drifting from hot dosa ,in the jaunt of new, in the warmth of a puppy wagging his tail, in the small piece of art created out of junk, quite just in everything.

This is the magic that I seek in my life and that is what I am gonna share here. Through my art, photography and experiences I want to spread the contagious happiness to you. So let the sparkles begin!


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